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At Black Eagle Security, our employees are our product, so hiring the right person is critical to our success.


Hiring the Right Person.


Black Eagle believes in hiring the right person for your property.  We hire for the client and your officer must be a good fit. You should have an outstanding relationship with our staff. At full time location you will see the same face every day.

The implementation of our specific hiring practices in conjunction with our screening, has had a very positive impact on operations, including:

• Increased applicant flow.

• Reduction in wasted staff. (Wrong officer for your site)

• Better utilization of branch staff.

• Improved screening and hiring tools.

• Better hiring statistics to focus on process improvements.

• Compliance with company policies and procedures.

• Compliance with federal, state, and local regulations.

Selection Process we follow:


• At least age 18.

• A reliable means of communication.

• A reliable means of transportation.

• The legal right to work in the United States.

• The ability to effectively speak, read and write English.

• A high school diploma or GED.

• Willingness to participate in the company’s pre-employment screening process,

   including a background investigation and drug screen.

 • Have a stable work history.

 • Prior Military, Law Enforcement, Corrections, Security, etc.


Post-hire Training and Skill Review.


Black Eagle Security requires all their staff to attend the yearly continuing education and additionally cover some of just a few listed topics below. 

  1. First Aid.

  2. Infection prevention.

  3. Safety management.

  4. Conflict resolution.

  5. Control substance hazardous to health (CSHH)

  6. Fire prevention and safety evacuation.

  7. Health and safety at the workplace.

  8. Crowd control or people flow tactics.

  9. Customer service.

  10. Self defense tactics.

  11. Tactical patrolling. 

  12. Report writing.

  13. Law Enforcement and emergency responders

  14. intro to crimes scene control.

  15. Uniform Expectations.

5 Top Responsibilities of Black Eagle Security Personnel

  • Be a visible deterrent to crime.

  • Identifying suspicious behavior.

  • Contacting and communicating with the authorities.

  • Monitoring access to properties.

  • Taking action in emergency situations.

  • Do You Want to Become a Security Guard?


Armed Officer Training


Most companies just take a Level 3 "Armed" Security officer at their word. Most Instructors teach the bare minimal training to get the officers to pass their course, and meet state requirements. Once hired our staff are put through additional training to establish a hierarchy of level of competence, confidence and professionalism.  Not all Armed officers should be armed nor be provided to a client. Our staff are required to meet our extra training requirement listed below:

1.  Armed security and private detectives are required to have eight (8) hours of Continuing Education annually on their

     duty weapons.

2. Students will learn tactical shooting techniques including: shooting and moving, use of cover, malfunction and stoppage 

    drills, tactical and combat reloading, room clearing, close quarters combat, failure drill, multiple targets, transverse

    shooting and drawing drills.

3. Low light shoot.


On The Job Training


All staff need to be introduced to their assigned work site/s. Here is our field training checklist for our "OJT" program.


1. Site Orientation. Officer is driven or walked around or through their assigned sites. "Site Awareness" is essential. 

2. Client introduction. Officer is introduced to onsite Manager on Duty, Owners, or an Responsible Parties. 

3. Review of Post Orders and how they specifically effect their job.

4. Review of the Standard Operating Procedures.

5. Review of the Emergency Response Plan. 

6. Eight (8) hours of On The Job Training with a Senior or Supervisor from Black Eagle.

7. One week evaluation period for both the client and officer for the perfect fit.

8. Review will be completed by the training officer, supervisor, or member of the operations staff. 


Client and Officer Supervision


Each client site is assigned a role specific supervision or manager with Black Eagle.

For example any armed client sites will only be supervised or managed by another armed officer,

or a patrol account will be supervised or managed by our patrol division supervisor or manager.

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